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Latest News

Google Freaks Out Over New EU Laws For Gatekeepers

According to RT "US firm Google has complained that proposed new EU laws aimed at curbing tech giants dominance target only a handful of companies, the search provider included. The way Europe sees it, that the point."

If Google has taught us anything, it should be that: If you have enough money you literally can buy anything. At least for a little while. As we pass the 20th anniversary date of "The Start" (the point at which the Elites, seeing the future & Power of the Internet decided to come in a take control of it.) we finally see a glimor of hope on the horizon for the common man or woman.

For 2 decades Big Tech have gone unchecked breaking law after law only to be met with minimal fines by any governing body. That is until today, it would seem. Is it any wonder why Google would be freaking out about someone actually doing something about it? I mean what wild horse ever happily excepted a saddle?

However In this authors opinion it is all just crumbs compared to what should have been happening. I mean what good is a fine at preventing a crime if it amounts to a mere fraction of what you make commuting the it? I guess it is true what they say "Wealth has its privileges. In contrast the normal man or woman committing just a fraction of a crime is typically fined to the point that they couldn't pay it off in the remainder of their own life and that is after they have already taken ever thing he owns.